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Since the inception of dental braces, there has been a common misconception that there would be a lot of pain involved in the treatment and you need to sacrifice your favorite foods until the completion of your braces treatment.

Evolution of Braces

Well, today we are going to bust some of the common myths which are associated with dental braces. Over the years we have seen a significant shift in technology as well as in our lifestyle. Technology has made a huge impact on dental practices as well. It has introduced us to Self- Ligating braces, which minimize the amount of pain caused during the braces treatment. The reason behind this is the friction among them is considerably less and there is more room for the movement of the wire between the(bracket) braces. Even though we have got different options in braces over the years people are more concerned about their look while undergoing braces treatment, hence Clear Aligners came into existence. These are invisible, comfortable, painless, and easier to maintain than the regular braces which are available. In most of the cases right after we undergo the braces treatment, the pain tends to go away within 2-3 days.

Clear aligners - Braceline Orthodontics
Clear aligners – Braceline Orthodontics

Foods to Consume

There are a lot of misconceptions out there where people think that they have to sacrifice their favourite foods while undergoing the braces treatment. This is one of the major setbacks where people back off from the treatment however this is not the case in reality. Even with your braces, you can always enjoy your favourite foods and follow your diet without compromising your taste buds. The only precaution we have to take is not to eat hard foods like Guava, Apple, Sugarcane, etc. You can always chop these hard foods into pieces and consume them slowly, and it is always advisable to stay away from sticky foods that might create issues with the braces treatment.

Maintaining Braces

Maintaining braces is one of the most important things in the treatment. People who have recently undergone braces treatment have to use special medicated toothpaste and mouthwashes to prevent demineralization of teeth. These products would also prevent white spots from occurring on the teeth during the treatment. We have to use an Orthodontic toothbrush as well as a supplementary toothbrush to brush our teeth in the morning and in the evening while we are undergoing the braces treatment. We are also given relief wax if we feel a little irritation with braces in the mouth. Under unforeseen circumstances, in case if you have broken your braces please visit your orthodontist immediately in order to treat the broken braces.

So to answer the most common question about braces is whether the treatment is painful? Do I have to sacrifice my favourite foods? 

New generation braces offer minimal pain treatment which is very mild and only lasts up to 3 days and you can always enjoy your favourite foods even with your braces. In order to know more about the duration of the treatment, meet your Orthodontist, and let him analyze the situation. Welcome, 2021 with a new sparkling smile. Book your appointment today!

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