Braces to fix your teeth alignment, know more about them!




In the modern era of look and feel, people prefer to look better and smile beautiful. A well built jaw and properly shaped jawline creates a great impact on how one looks. Not only the facial look but also impacts oral functioning. Orthodontics is a specialisation in dentistry that comes into play to fix the jaw line, teeth order, misaligned teeth and improper bites. Braces have been the solution for these  problems since ages.

Braces always carried a challenge of visibility taboo. The latest technology in orthodontics brought in hassle-free aligners in addition to ceramic and self ligating braces. Among all the braces, aligners are the best to use, comfortable and hassle-free. Before you choose the braces learn how it works and what suits your requirement.

Steel braces or the metal braces are the most regular braces used to fix the teeth alignment. Most of the people opt the steel braces as they are economic and cost effective. They are also readily available in the market and can be immediately replaced if damaged. Metal braces are stronger and rust free. The treatment duration is usually longer with the metal braces. They are made up of stainless steel. 

Ceramic braces come in the shade of teeth color, so visibility is only 20% when compared with steel braces. These braces are mostly preferred by the adults due to the advantage in less visibility. In case of the tooth removal, the duration of the treatment is generally longer. The braces are fixed with the wires and rings. Due to the friction during the treatment, the ceramic coating chips off frequently. Hence the wires are to be changed very often which in turn leads to longer duration of treatment, and may extend to two or three months more.

To overcome the hassle of rings and wires while fixing the braces the latest technology  in orthodontics came up with self ligating brace. These braces don’t have the rings, instead the braces have a door which tightly holds the wire. These self ligating braces help in avoiding the yellow formations around the rings. These self ligating braces come in both metal and ceramic, no yellow patches are formed in both cases.

The treatment duration is less with these self ligating braces due to less friction when the tooth moves from the original position to the final position. No tooth is removed in this procedure as very less space is needed to move the teeth. The wire enables the jaw itself to adjust or expand. They are more expensive than the conventional braces.

Aligners are the latest in the market and are available in India now. Aigners are thin thermoplastic sheets in the shape  of the jaw. They are to be simply worn without any technical procedure of cutting or moving the teeth. They must be changed for every fifteen days. You need not avoid sticky and hard food as in the case of braces. With aligners there is no food restriction. Lingual braces are fixed on the inner surface. They create a lot of irritation to the tongue and are more expensive than self ligating braces.

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